All the World is a Stage

Disney World needs one more mermaid.

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The odds of being attacked by a shark in the US are 1 in 11,500,000, but no one gets mad at people who want to avoid the ocean.

The odds of a woman being sexually assaulted in her lifetime are 1 in 6, but if she doesn’t feel safe around strange men she’s a stereotyping bitch.

Strange old world we live in.


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I was going to start my final paper/project tonight for my one single class I’m taking before I graduate, but I just realized, besides learning two monologues and a scene, I haven’t done any actual paperwork this entire semester and starting now just seems silly.

Besides, I got high, took a three and a half hour nap, drank a lot of red wine, made the most perfect kickass pizza, and watched Broad City reruns. So I had a lot on my plate and getting to that paper was just not in the works tonight. If only my boyfriend would come home from filming and snuggle his sweet little face into my arm nook… then it would all be lovely.

I’ll start tomorrow. Maybe. It’ll get done. If I learned anything in my last 3 years as a senior, it’s that procrastination is key to doing really really fucking well.

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Margy teaming up with Dany… oh my GOD I ship it so hard.

They’d be the sexiest fucking queens in Westeros. Flying on dragons with their beauty and perfection and freed slaves and feeding of the poor and all that shit. AWESOME. It is now how I want Game of Thrones to end.

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